Telling stories about style and its evolution within society is the main task for a Fashion Stylist. An interesting challenge that requires instinct, ability to look at a bigger picture, combined with method and understanding of the mechanisms regulating this market. It isn’t just about illustrating clothes and collections. It’s a matter of reading between the lines, grasping the concepts hidden behind the works of fashion houses. The most important thing is to go beyond a simple analysis, blending good taste and ability in order to make words bend to sensations.


The professional realities are fast-changing and everyone must constantly adapt to the latest technological, sustainable, cultural, or sociopolitical developments in many areas. It is essential to be aware of all transformations and to respond to the demands of the market with precise skills. 

For this reason, IED offers different academic journeys responding to the current and future trends of the creative sector. Its programs allow you to experiment with creative methodologies, build a professional identity,  boost your career in a transversal way or in a vertical sector, or deepen the new industry’s realities.

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