Far away from the concept of simple images producer, a Photographer acts inside a multifaceted panorama that gathers content and appearance. This figure has to highlight the potential of these two formal dimensions, to tell stories and raise emotions, working on complex messages, managing techniques and narrative sensitivity. Photography is a universe that merges art and languages. A professional Photographer is a witness who is conscious about this creative aggregation.



Photography is the everyday narrative of what is going on in the modern world and it bears witness to how we see and interpret reality. INFP is a photographic project shot in Iran, between Qeshm and Mesr desert, and examines complexities of women’s identities using both reportage and stage photography. Take a look to the Final Project carried out by the IED Milano student Sogol Sochi.


A Thesis Project from Simone Lorusso, IED Milano Photography Alumnus and currently Junior Creative Director. These pictures straddle past and present of the individual’s and the group’s image and imaginary. The identity of one individual growing importance through repetition, as for the Mods, a youth subculture from London of the late 50s: their style became a status and a mean of mass gestures and behaviors.
They were cool, stylish and rebel. Their movement had gender roles’ talked about and connected with music and beauty.


Fashion photography is characterized by constant change and for being reactive in its visualizations and reflections of consumer society. The body of work is about the process of creation of fashion style as it is, the development of cool-hunting ability and gathering of references as a part and parcel of every fashion photographer way. In a broader sense, the subject is the transformation that every fashion photographer has to undergo, in order to enlarge the space between fantasy and reality and the desire to explore the medium’s flexibility and extremes. The digital tools heavily used in fashion photography nowadays showed the power of postproduction to render an image and take away the excitement that happens on a fashion shoot. The fashion photographers were among the first who explored the possibilities of the Web for photography, answering the question of what a fashion magazine with editorial vision could become in the age of the Internet. The editorial direction based on cool-hunting or fashion intuition and established references gives the hope for further authenticity and vitality of fashion photography in general. The independent magazines as well as digital platforms give a chance for aspiring fashion photographers to build their own style and develop personal vision.


One hand’s building is a photographic book merging architecture and still life, that are combined through a minimal style. The work originates from the will to underline the value of the project for aesthetic and functional equalization between centre and suburbs applied to the city of Copenhagen. Take a look to tghe Thesis Project developed by the IED Milano student bruna Pellegrino.

A SPECIAL TEACHER: Steve Mc Curry’s Lectio Magistralis

The worldwide known photographer Steve Mc Curry, during his European tour to promote the book India, held a lectio magistralis for Photography students at IED Milano. Interview by Visual Arts Director Rossella Bertolazzi and Photography Department Coordinators Carlotta Cattaneo Carter and Roberto Tomesani.


This documentary and photojournalism project, realised by Denis Vorobiov Ied student in Photography, consists in the visual documentation of one of the most important problems that we’re facing today: the mass migration from the Middle-East Countries to Europe. This visual investigation focuses on the critical condition of refugees and the political perspective of governments. At the same time, it builds a bridge between the European community and the new Arabic society, by showing their most intimate sides and sharing the words they used to describe their feelings.

ied alumni - architecture photography


Among the best architecture photographers of the moment there is Hélén Binet, graduated in Photography from IED Roma. She worked with the world greatest architects such as Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Alvar Aalto. Read the article on Elle Decor Italia (italian).


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Coordinators of the courses

IED Milano: Roberto Tomesani and Carlotta Cattaneo Carter

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The professional world requires a highly qualified and cross-disciplinary preparation. For this reason, IED suggests its students to keep themselves informed and updated through courses that are complementary to those they followed during their undergraduate pathway.

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Elena Pegurri, Photography student at IED Milano, developed the project Temporarium as a reflection on the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, that is to say brain’s capacity to reconfigure  itself, and this characteristic recalls the topic of identity and its fluidity. To express this concept through photography Elena chose the metaphor of the natural world, but re-contextualising the elements in studio. Final products will be a book inspired to herbariums and scientific researches and an exhibition of the same elements pictured in the book, but crystallised.