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Illustrators create images that allows us to see beyond words, expanding the limits of meaning. They operate in a range of industries, from publishing to comic books, combining narrative rules and visual intuition as part of a method that enables them to create innovative and effective communication projects. Their role is to capture ideas and sensations and then depict them, keeping the ancient art of telling stories through pictures alive while combining this with the digital, interactive system we now live in.




Andrea Mongia, a graduate in Illustration and Animation from IED Roma, has been included in Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list, in the “Art and Culture” category.
Born in Abruzzo, Mongia – now 30 – is a member of Studio Pilar, an association/collective of four illustrators. He is also a teacher on the Illustrazione Editoriale course at IED Roma. His illustrations have been exhibited in Italy and the US, as well as appearing in publications of the calibre of The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist and many books.

Image credit: Illustration by Andrea Mongia for The Boston Globe in “On the road, and lost” by Priscilla Gilman.


The worldwide producer of lubricant and similar products asked IED Turin students to design a visual 2019 calendar for its employees and clients. The students got the brief details, examined the company identity and produced these illustrations and graphics which convey the key concepts of technology, people, sustainability and performance.
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“Perchè tutti parlano di Zuzù?” This is the title of an article-interview of the daily newspaper la Repubblica of 5 September 2019, dedicated to the young talent of Italian illustration: Giulia Spagnulo, in art Zuzù. His career took off in 2017 thanks to her Final Project, during which Giulia was followed by Rathinger, a well-known Cartoonist and Editorial Director of Coconino, the Italian comics publishing house. From there, it was an uphill road: the publishing house in fact immediately decided to turn her Final Project into a real publishing project. So Cheese was born, a graphic novel already at its second reprint a few days after its debut in bookstores. A fresh book that tells the story of three young adolescents, Zuzù, Riccardo and Dario, struggling with the challenges of their age. A project born right in the middle of the IED classrooms.


Students in Illustrazione at IED Torino helped to create images for two exhibition events running to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day, in collaboration with ANGSA. The brief called for a personal illustrative interpretation of the subject of autism and its characteristics. The students created two images designed to raise public awareness of the everyday difficulties that autistic people face. The images were displayed as part of two exhibitions: Palazzo Barolo in Turin and in Ivrea on World Autism Awareness Day.



A graduate in Illustrazione e Animazione at IED, Olimpia Zagnoli is now a well-known name in the US illustration sector. Between 29 January and 11 March, the Italian Cultural Institute in New York will host “Una Storia Americana” [An American Story], an exhibition displaying work by Zagnoli and Emiliano Ponzi from the last five years. The work has been published in leading publications such as: Los Angeles Times, MTA Transit, New York Magazine, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Penguin Books, Time Out New York, Washington Post and many more. (Exhibition and catalogue curated by Melania Gazzotti) But what’s the secret to becoming a leading figure in Illustration and Animation? According to Zagnoli, in an interview with Incredibilia: “Being able to draw is not enough. You have to have an understanding of visual culture and culture in general. So if you don’t have that yet, get one!”


Lillian, a young woman living in a small American town in the early 1900s, is a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, who ends up killing her after one too many attacks. Déjà Vu doesn’t just aim to tell this one story, but many.
Through a combination of stop motion and 3D animation, we tried to depict the timeless nature of violence and the “blame” often attributed to women, who involuntarily end up becoming their own executioner.
Created by Dario Bernardi and Ilenia Cotardo from the Illustration and Animation course and Erika Golfetto and Francesca Olivia Strada from the CG Animation course in Milan.


The Marta Bencini’s Final Project – student at IED Torino – aims to create Doudou: transitional objects that help the newborn or the child to regain calm and positivity, through a multisensory project. The project consisted in the character design of 3 fabric puppets representing a polar bear, an arctic fox and an arctic. Each animal comes from polar areas in order to support the fight against global warming.


A book that makes its characters talk and address the topics they don’t want to discuss: “Su di me” [About me] is the work of Carlotta Notaro, a student at IED Roma. Among the various projects she produced during her three-year course, Carlotta produced illustrations which reveal a hidden side when a red sheet of paper is placed over them. Check out the gallery to find our more.


Animated short film by Ambra Arioli, Alice Gaffo, Francesca Falasca, made for the course of Illustration and Animation.
During a chat at the bar, the anxieties and doubts of four friends are interpreted in an amusing and ironic way by the imagination of one of them, an animator. He pictures a small character standing on the table, who soon finds himself at the mercy of speech.
Immersionewon the Animation of the Month award, given by The Monthly Film Festival, a site where you can upload short films, which are then judged by a jury of experts. For more information visit:

TMFF Winners October's Best

TMFF Movies Immersion

Mentor Giorgio Scorza, Co-mentor Patrizia Russo, Assistant Teodora Filipova Actors Alberto Motta, Francesco Conti, Maddalena ScalettarI, Riccardo Iaconelli, Roberta Tomarchio Voice Luca Di Corrado, Enrico Cimmino, Viola Peretti, Stefano Ferrari, Rebecca Magri Riprese Giacomo Caselli Sound Design Lorenzo Valsassina Music Audio Network Doppiaggio Sample Srl.

The project has been included in the Official Selection of the Lisbon Animation Festival - MONSTRA as Best of Students' Film - Out of Competition dal Lisbon Animation Festival - MONSTRA.



Hellboy is one of the most powerful icons of world comics in the last 25 years and any news about it immediately becomes a phenomenon in today’s fan culture. The release of the new film, distributed by M2 Pictures, directed by Neil Marshall, has once again aroused great attention towards a demonic superhero that has always been held outside the American mainstream.
M2Pictures asked 40 young artists from IED Roma to independently reinterpret the Hellboy in the new film released in spring 2019 according to their sensitivity and using different techniques and tones. The project was carried out by students in Illustrazione, CG Animation, Graphic Designe and Fashion Stylist, who created epic or cursed, irreverent or fairy-tale, romantic or dramatic versions of the Red Demon. The works created are published in an artbook. It was an intense, instinctive work and its results are both a tribute and one of the many artistic digressions that since 1994 have contributed and continue to contribute to the worldwide history and success of one of the most respected superheroes of contemporary American comics.



Watch our interview with Annalaura Cantone, an illustrator who graduated from the Illustration and Animation course at IED Milano. Cantone signed her first contract with a Taiwanese publishing house before she even finished her studies. Over the years, she has gone on to work with a large number of international publishers. She has produced over 300 illustrations and her work has been translated into 12 languages. She also creates animated films and organises workshops for adults and children, as well as returning to IED, where she has been part of the teaching staff for over 17 years.

Dream simulator

Dreams are intangible and untranslatable for us. If a robot dreamed, it could catch the stimuli of its subconscious, given its analysing nature. The Final Project by the student Eugenio La Rosa at IED Torino proposes a dream simulator of a robot, starting from sound inputs and a database of images drawn by him. These elements are linked together by a code written on the Max software and, through a system of rules and categories, compositions are created (each of them represents a dream), then printed by means of a thermal printer in receipt format. The initial sound inputs are tracks from the Spotify playlist “Sleep”. The concept of the project, as well as the choise of printing on the receipt, criticizes the commodification of anything related to sleep in the contemporary world.


This exam project is a complete digital animation created by a group of third-year students from the Illustration and Animation course at IED Roma. It’s a story made up of mysterious creations, fantastical animals and steampunk-inspired settings and  characters.


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