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2nd edition - The Master course in Digital Art Direction trains figures capable of creating, guiding and conducting a plethora of contemporary contents and experiences.

The students will be able to create visual and interactive paths, interfaces and applications. As well as communication and promotion campaigns for majors, broadcasters and brands that have their main field of action in digital media.

The Digital Art Director works within communication agencies, production and distribution companies, development studios, companies and cultural institutions. Thanks to the enhanced sensitivity, solid skills and ability to innovate and experiment with creative, technological and design solutions, he creates content, works, campaigns and new media experiences. 

These skills allow him to coordinate the different departments involved in the creation of visual and audiovisual works, experiences that are halfway between reality and virtual worlds in editorial projects based on digital media.

  • Start date
    January 2022
  • Duration
    11 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

Who it is addressed to - The Master course is addressed to those who have a First Level Academic Diploma or an Academic Degree in study areas related to the world of Communication, New Media, Cinema and TV, Animation, Videogames and Graphics. The Master course is also designed for professionals who have at least two years of equivalent experience in the disciplinary area of the course.
A good knowledge of static graphic tools is required.

Methodology and structure - The activities of the Master course focus on the conception, production and management of projects characterized by an innovative, static and dynamic visual identity. The course is also characterized by a high level of interactivity, both in terms of experience and consumption and technologies, and by a complex design, especially related to multi-platform products and campaigns.

In this perspective, the formula of the Master course provides four teaching methods, built in such a way that participants acquire in a sequential and logical way the cultural, design and technical skills necessary for the development of workshop activities:

- frontal lessons to acquire design and language skills related to products, works and markets;
- laboratory lessons to master technical tools and software;
- screening and testimonials with relevant professionals and external visits in events of the sector;
- three thematic workshops in sequence, dedicated to the creation and management of content and projects, to develop project management and executive production skills.

The Thesis Project consists of the proposal and development of a multiplatform project based on an original idea of the student.

Professional opportunities - The Digital Art Director for the Entertainment sector, works in communication and promotion agencies for broadcasters and for new media publishers and distributors. The fields of reference are Cinema, Animation, TV, Radio and Games. The realities involved are Broadcaster, Festivals and Fairs, Pro and Consumer Events for Toys, Gadgets and Licensing, particularly popular in Central Italy. 

  • New Column

    • Art Direction

      A path full of references and case studies to better understand the dynamics of the digital entertainment market. With a special focus on creativity and available technologies.

    • Marketing & Advertising for the Entertainment and the Creative Industry

      Techniques and fundamentals of marketing, advertising and licensing declinate on the creative industry.

    • Production Management: Cinema, Tv, Events, New Media

      The aim is the illustration of the different phases of multiplatform project management through the study of pipelines and cross-media production frameworks.

    • Visual & Graphic Design - Graphic Design for New Media

      Visual cultures will be studied as an advanced creative design tool. Adobe inDesign and After Effects software will be used.

    • Workshop 1 - Brand Campaign for Entertainment

      From the brief to the pitch, to the kick off of an entertainment product launch campaign.

    • Web/App Design

      You will deal with the design of interfaces, layouts and mock ups for the web and apps with Sketch Up and you will analyze the information architecture and navigation of static and dynamic sites from the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) point of view.

    • Workshop 2 - Web & Digital Communication for Entertainment

      From the brief to the presentation to the client and online publication: conception, design and prototyping of layouts, templates and interfaces (UX/UI) for the promotion of a brand or service through digital entertainment.

    • Experience Design

      From service to experience design. The main forms of fruition of interactive content and experiences, with an overview of the tools useful to coordinate projects with a high component of UX Engineering.

    • Workshop 3 - Experience Design for the Creative Industries

      From the idea to the identification of innovative creative and technological solutions for an event or for the launch of a product or service; from its communication to its performance.

    • Screening - Case History - External Visits

      External visits to companies and events in the sector, screening and case histories in collaboration with companies and entertainment broadcasters.

    • Thesis Project

      Creation and management of a multi-platform creative project presented to clients and market players.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Max Giovagnoli - Scientific Coordinator

Max Giovagnoli - Scientific Coordinator
An Italian pioneer of transmedia, he has been defined in the USA as "one of the thirty voices that are changing the way of reporting in the media around the world". Story Architect and Media Designer, he has collaborated with Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Fox and Lucky Red and with television broadcasters. He coordinates the School of Visual Arts of IED Roma and his essays on storytelling are published in Italy, England and the United States. He is author of novels and fiction, Head of Cinema for the Romics and Cartoons on the bay (RAI) festivals and scientific director of the Virtual Reality Experience Festival.

Andrea Caperni - Didactics Coordinator

Andrea Caperni - Didactics Coordinator
Senior Digital Art Director. He is Senior Designer in Sketchin since 2009, international design studio with offices in 4 countries (Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA). He was art director for MicronASA and Co-founder of Dos Media, a studio with which he developed integrated visual identities (UX, UI) and digital communication and promotion strategies (web, app) for Poste Italiane, Enel Energia, Radio Dimensione Suono, Sony Pictures Italia, Heineken.

Davide Della Casa

Davide Della Casa
Digital Art Director. Founder of, online magazine leader in film and television promotion, reference partner in the launch of films, series and games. As Art Director he has contributed to the launch of more than 400 international films, from major to independent productions.

Silvia Saba

Silvia Saba
Creative Director and Head of the digital PR area and influencer marketing projects of Bradek, a communication agency that collaborates permanently with Disney Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Entertainment Italia, 20th Century Fox Italy.

Luca Miranda

Luca Miranda
Art Director and Senior Motion Graphic Designer for Fox Channel. He has created the visual identity of programs for National Geographic, History Channel, Nat Geo Wild and was part of Clonwerk, a graphics studio for TV and online broadcasting.

Marco Cino

Marco Cino
Art Director. Founder of Echo Group, a promotion agency specialized in entertainment, of which today he holds the roles of Lead Art Director and Project Manager. Art Director of Publimedia. In 1982 he founded his first agency, OneWay, specialized in creative services for entertainment. In 1990 he founded Arcadya, a multinational company that provides communication and marketing services to film and music majors.

Livia Senese

Livia Senese
Coordination Manager and Executive Director of Romics - International Comics, Animation, Cinema and Games Festival of Rome. With her company Mens Nova she coordinates the RO.ME - Rome Museum Exhibition for Ente Fiera di Roma - dedicated to creative companies operating in the field of cultural heritage and art - and the Castelli Animati animation festival.

Federico Rivera

Federico Rivera
Lead Design Director of Sketchin's Rome office, international design studio with offices in 4 countries (Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA).He has previously worked in PWC as startups Mentor and Consultant for product and service innovation, in his career he has designed global brand and service strategies for companies such as Ford, Shell, 3M, Jaguar, Land Rover, Enel, Unicredit, NTT. He has assumed a key role in the innovation process of some major Italian companies such as Nexi, Poste Italiane, TIM and Ho mobile.