Meaningful and outstanding narratives throughout visual arts

Visual arts have always been related to new technologies: nowadays we are dealing with a massive amount of data, therefore it is important to create meaningful and outstanding narratives throughout visual arts to share them by using the latest technological innovations.

Our graduates investigate new communication languages to express the variety of realities that surround us and share it to create a meaningful impact. To do so, they explore with video design, digital art, illustration, graphic design… Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence are mixed with traditional ones like analogue photography, silk-screen printing or watercolors illustration, to mention a few tecniques.

Their outputs are a visual party for our senses, allowing users to explore them through immersive installations, video screenings, sound performances, photo exhibitions, or virtual experiences. Want to dive into it?

Welcome to IED Visual Arts Fest!


Visual Arts take the street!

After graduating, it's time to celebrate!

That's exactly what IED Barcelona's Visual Arts School did. Graduates organized their own party at Nau Bostik, Barcelona’s meeting point for urban and street-art enthusiasts to celebrate visual arts. 

Digital Art

Digital Art allows us to visualize better futures and opens up discussions about dystopic scenarios

There is no limit to your creativity thanks to digital art, specially with tools like Artificial Itelligence. Our students create speculative futures to ask questions about today’s global issues and reflecting about the challenges that our planet is facing. Why? To bring awarness and act! 

What If

Presented during the Milano Digital Week 2023, the What if project aims to raise awareness and stimulate reflection on the global environmental crisis.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, a series of triptychs related to four countries around the world are presented, highlighting key phenomena linked to climate change such as deforestation, desertification, wildfires, and atmospheric pollution. Each image has been generated and perfected many times by artificial intelligence. The designers optimized each prompt through a process of trial and error in order to achieve the desired result for each panel.


Take a look at how our students are transforming this traditional media support and using new technologies to make a statement

Posters have always brought art into the streets. But not only art. Visual identities were a tool to communicate with the population; from politics to cinema, religion, trade fairs, markets, concerts or ideas.

Florence Queer Festival

IED Firenze's Master in Graphic Design students have designed the graphic design identity of the Florence Queer Festival, the most important Tuscan festival dedicated to Queer culture. 

Print is not dead! 

Even if digital platforms are more present than ever, printed magazines are still surviving

They are presented as editorial jewels where graphic design flourishes and becomes the content itself. The materials used are curated to the last detail and all the contents have a reason why; from the articles to photography, illustrations, typography... They become collector objects

Live performances

The thrill of being among the select few to witness a live show is genuinely exhilarating: a veritable and undeniable privilege

We all love to attend a live concert or performance and feel the blessing of being present once-in-a-lifetime event. Whether it's sound, video or both, design brings us these incredible opportunities. 


Photo Exhibition

Click! Exploring our reality through our students’ lenses

By observing reality and finding a unique point of view, photographers have been expressing themselves since 1822, when the first photograph was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

Our students keep exploring traditional and new techniques to understand and show the world that surrounds us, whether it’s through their documentary vision or creative approach.    


Self-discovery tales, computer-generated movies, friendship stories and new dystopian realities are on today's program

Take a sit and watch all the audiovisual projects made by our students in CG Animation, Video Design and Media Design.

Press play and enjoy! 

Immersive Experiences

There is nothing more exciting than transforming yourself into art

Nowadays, with the help of new technologies, immersive experiences are becoming very popular. Attendees got the chance to be an active part of the event. By creating site-specific exhibitions, live shows and video projections appeal directly to the participants offering them a unique experience.  

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