Stage Lighting Design

Continuing Study Programs - Madrid

Lighting transforms our concept of seeing and understanding a stage project. Behind various artistic disciplines such as dance, theatre or music, light plays a key role. 
Behind these artistic expressions there is a designer who plans, researches and analyses the study of light, turning lighting into a language for self-expression onstage. 
The Postgraduate Course in Stage Lighting Design trains professionals with the necessary knowledge to create, read and interpret lighting and to develop high-level proposals within dramatic genres, artistic styles and aesthetic conceptions, with light being the differentiating element. 

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    January 2019
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• Learn the concepts of lighting and their integration in a staging. 
• Work with the possibilities that new technologies provide us with when developing a lighting design. 
• Apply the expressive function and the dramatic language of light, through the knowledge and use of the tools that will form the basis of stage lighting. 
• Distinguish all the elements that intervene in the design of the lighting of a theatrical show: functions, operation and application. 
• Make a complete lighting dossier for a show. 
• Optimise the techniques that facilitate research work in the field of lighting. 
• Integrate aspects and languages associated with lighting: scenography, sound, costumes, props, video, etc. 

Professional Opportunities 
• Lighting designer for the theatre. 
• Lighting designer for dance performances. 
• Lighting designer for musicals. 
• Lighting designer for live music events. 
• Lighting designer for corporate events and brand presentations. 

Dates and Schedule
January - April 2019
19.00-22.30 h (Mon to Fri, 3 to 5 days per week)