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The Foundation in Global Design is addressed to all those interested in getting an introduction to the several disciplines of design (product, interiors, fashion, graphic, advertising and marketing), and it is a help for students in choosing which will become their career. All throughout the year students acquire the essentials on creation and design.

The world of creation is changing, design is becoming a melting pot of disciplines and their practice is being liberalized. The multidisciplinary approach is a part of a mixture process of the fields of application of cretivity. This hybrid education welcomes students to an open study plan with clear intentions: piquing their curiosity, developing creativity and discovering several expressions of design.


This yearly course  introduces students to disciplines of product design, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, advertising and marketing, and delves in the expression of cretivity and development of versatility and flexibility. This course takes places within the multicultural context of IED Barcelona, whose aim is to provide knowledge beyond the limits of specific fields, encouraging and providing the natural skills, common to all students, while learning about other disciplines and the links between them all. Furthermore, IED Barcelona regularly schedules conferences, seminars, presentations and activities involving outstanding professionals from all fields of design that help students to get involved with dynamics of multidisciplinarity

  • Start date
    September 2021
  • Duration
    1 year
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The Foundation in Global Design is the teaching of fundamentals of creation, both at theoretical and practical levels, to obtain a wide education that enables students’ incorporation to different disciplines. The course trains students to become able to create a concept and express an idea through several disciplines.


The course will be developed in three modules:

Atheoretical module to acquire academic knowledge

A practical module to acquire techniques

A module for multidisciplinary projects

Student´s Profile

The  Foundation in Global Deisgn is addressed to all those interested in getting into the disciplines of product design, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, advertising and marketing, helping them to choose the path they want to become their career. During this year, students will acquire the essentials of creation and design.

Also, at the end of the course students can create their own work portfolio, an essential tool in the world of design to break into the professional life with more guarantees. The said portfolio captures the practical abilities of a designer, who can show it to future clients or other design schools or institutions.

Duration: 1 year

Start: September 2020

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    • Events

    • Art History

    • Contests

      The possibility to work with a professor is given to those students who want to participate in national and international contests.

    • History Of Design

      From the Industrial Revolution to the Modernism. Evolution of the concept of design related to society and the artistic movements in different concepts (product, communication,
      fashion, architecture…).

    • Intensive Workshops Week

      During the year, there is a week of intensive workshops organized for all the three-year courses and the one year course. Numerous international designers of all the different branches of creativity
      are requested to propose themes of investigation to the students creating an environment of brainstorming and permanent innovation.

    • Creative Methods

      Skills to generate original ideas. These methods are part of a box of creative tools which help creating products, services and innovative settings.

    • Coolhunting

      Introduction to trend research. Learn how to detect emergent trends and to find ways to communicate them. This is an indispensable tool which differs from the competition.

    • Marketing

      This course offers an introduction to fundamental marketing concepts, to the orientation to the customer, the study of competence and the main virtues. The essential objectives deal with the knowledge of the key definitions and concepts in marketing;also the knowledge of the main activities in which marketing is used, the identification of applicable tools, techniques and strategies. This course also focuses on getting students familiar with marketing tactics (product strategy, price establisment,advertising, other ways of communication and distribution policy) and with marketing applications towards the creation and developing of an advertising campaign.

    • Drawing

      The visual perception: to know how to see. Acquisition and development of graphic resources for the representation of figures and apparel. Search and relation of plastic language to
      different applications of the illustration.

    • Photoshop

    • Illustrator

      Basic knowledge of the program, of the logic of the vectorial design for the subsequent application in the project field.

    • Program 3d - Rhino

      Utilization of the software for the execution of virtual models in 3D. Rhino is one of the main representative softwares to learn to shape surfaces.

    • Visual Arts Workshop

      Utilization of graphical skills on paper to express ideas. Learn how to use the colours.

    • Fashion Design Workshop

      Basic initiation of different skills of modelling. Knowledge of pattern-making of basic clothes. Creation of prototypes realized in pattern design.

    • Scale Model Workshop Hall

      Oriented to product design and interior design, the workshop of models permits to experience fast ways to execute the shapes projected with materials easy to handle.

    • Typography

      Learn the different shapes of letters and the construction of a font. Use and application of a font in the projects of communication.

    • Module Project

      The project is a fundamental part of the course to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired along the course. The projects will be developed in the disciplines of product
      design, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, advertising and marketing, always with professionals. It is a perfect occasion to use the different realities of design and
      to evaluate their own affinities.

    • Graphic Design, Advertising

      We will develop a complete project including the diverse aspects of graphic design, from the elaboration of the concept to the analysis of the visual, formal and cultural aspects.

    • Fashion Design




    • Product Design And Interior Design

      We will create a project from the formulation of a concept and analysis of the values, up to the accomplishment of a mood board, the formal representation 2D and 3D, and the manufacture
      of models. The capacity of research and the expression of ideas will be valued.

    • Portfolio

    • Cineclub

      A space of culture and debate where the audio-visual disciplines are used in several fields of art and cinema, animation, the video-art and video-dance.

    • Dj/vj

      Learn the culture and trends of music to stimulate the blending between music and the projects of the students, putting it into practice across a free software “to puncture” music and images.

    • Magazine

      The creation of a magazine of Fashion, Design and Visual Arts. The aim will be to motivate the curiosity and to have an analytical eye to capture emergent trends.

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