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This masters tackles sustainability from a 360°angle based on materials, the business model concept or service idea and profitability. Students are guided through the most complex aspects of product design and contemporary packaging with a special focus on creativity, project analysis and factoring in social values such as sustainability.

The Masters in Sustainable Design includes a cross-curricular base followed by a specialisation, leading to one of two qualifications: 

a Masters in Sustainable Product Design or a Masters in Sustainable Packaging Design.

Students wishing to qualify in both specialisations will be able to take their second option in the following academic year without having to retake the cross-curricular part.


Sustainable Product Design

Sustainability is one of the key forces in today's innovation. Harnessing it requires a considerable mastery of new materials, production processes, interaction with the client and social values. The product design of today and tomorrow will have to rise beyond typical parameters such as aesthetics and functionality to take on a more complex dimension. A designer's global vision is an opportunity to achieve outstanding results and professional distinction.

Sustainable Packaging Design

An opportunity to reconsider the sector based on the new environmental and sustainability-related challenges. This specialisation explores packaging design bearing in mind its structural, functional and expressive factors, studying the new materials, processes and services the sector is harnessing to overcome today's social, financial and environmental management challenges.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2020
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Attendance
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RESPECT. Sustainability and Design

Join us in Bucharest if you are preparing a portfolio for your university application or for your next job application: IED is giving a workshop about portfolio tips and how to integrate the sustainability topic in your design projects.

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- Train design professionals in innovation, creativity, project management and administering teams of professionals.

- Focus on sustainability with particular interest and in great depth. The aim is to provide a multidisciplinary education and touch on different aspects and points of view. The objective of the Master is to produce designers with a cutting-edge training in a field that is predicted to be the driving force of innovation in the coming years.

- Tackle sustainability from 360º by including sustainable design in the materials, the business model concept, the idea of associated services and profitability.


During the coursework, inter-disciplinary seminars and workshops are held with guest specialists so as to develop in practice different topics of interest and consolidate the knowledge obtained in the theoretical and practical courses. The Master is led by a teaching staff of leading-edge professionals who are specialists in each of the pioneering areas about which the students are given knowledge and methodologies.

The contents of the master’s course are organised into four areas by topic: 

- Sustainability

- Techniques

- Management

- Projects

- Final Project


Product designers, industrial design engineers, engineers wanting an introduction to design, architects and interior designers interested in sustainability and the new, creative methodologies.



After taking the master’s course, the students have the skills to develop professionally in both design studios and technical and innovation departments, as well as to implement their own projects and design-linked business ideas. They are trained to be ready to join in-company design and innovation teams and to bring value to design studios and/or manage their own professional career by creating an innovative business or their own creative studio.


So that the students can work on their Final Project for the Master (FPM) in a real-life situation in the labour market, we count on the cooperation of companies selected by the IED Master.

In previous editions of the Master in Sustainable Product Design, projects were developed with well-known companies, including Santa & Cole, Artemide, NEXIA, Simon Lighting and Canillo Council (Principality of Andorra).


Oriol Guimerà

Artistic director, product designer and design adviser specialising in innovation development. He studied at Elisava and graduated in 1994. He worked in Milan to learn the classics at the Isaho Hosoe Design multicultural studio, where he won the Compasso d’Oro.

In 1998 he took postgraduate studies in business creation and management, before founding his multidisciplinary and product design studio, Táctica, a pioneering project in the country of multidisciplinary design. In 2006, he took over the design management of Simon Lighting part-time to create a value-added product and make a profound conceptual change to the processes used. In 2008 he founded GuimeraiCinca, a specialised product design studio. In 2013 he became the creative and marketing director of ParkHelp, a Smart Cities company geared towards urban mobility.

He currently works as creative director for the Font Barcelona-Fontini group and manages the development strategy of the Design department of IED Barcelona. He has collaborated with numerous companies as well as those listed, such as Alstom, Santa&Cole, Kibuc, NaniMarquina, Kettal, Lamp and Estiluz. He has been awarded the Red Dot, the Maison&Objet jury prize and several Delta Award Selections.

Duration and frequency:

24th September 2020
Frequency: Monday to Friday
Timetable: 6.30 p.m a 10.40 p.m

* The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Master is a private degree.