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This course provides an approach to the main theoretical and practical research and reflection tools that are generated in the field of contemporary interior space design.

This task is developed taking as a fundamental factor the multiple and deep relationships existing between the individual and society and the space in which they develop. From the perspective and vision offered by contemporary society, the need to generate adequate spaces for the development of life, work and social relationships has become a problem that we continually face.

The aim of this course is to provide the student with the appropriate tools and criteria to face the challenge of styling spaces. To do this, we propose an introduction to the theoretical concepts that we consider fundamental and a series of practical tools that can help to reveal different possibilities and professional paths.

  • Start date
    January 2022
  • Duration
    4 months
  • Attendance
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With this course in Interior Decoration and Styling, the aim is to explore a discipline that, despite its appearance of familiarity and everyday life, requires a meticulous mastery of technique and knowledge. The latest trends, colour relationships, the combination of textures and materials are key points for the creation of a harmonious and pleasant space that responds to the needs of the contemporary individual's habitat.
Therefore, an attempt is made to analyze and propose a series of experiences that aim to internalize the creative process by the student, from its germ to its final development.
At the end of the course, the student is able to manage the colour and lighting in the spaces; work on programs for the design, editing and representation of interior spaces; manage and develop professional projects; manage spatial composition; recognize and use the most appropriate materials and products in each space: kitchen, bathroom, furniture or lighting; and develop and detail a domestic space project.
Being an introductory course, it is aimed at anyone interested in entering the decoration and styling sector both to dedicate themselves professionally, if the entry profile allows it, and to be able to enter the world of sensitivity, composition, materials and products of the world of housing.
The course is put together from several research areas: the creative process, the tools for the development of the discipline and the knowledge and handling of materials and trends: contents in fundamentals and tools, in materials and trends and creative space workshops.
Different subjects taught by some of the best interior design and design professionals will be covered, combining theoretical sessions with practical exercises. The methodology also includes visits to leading showrooms and stores in the sector.

  • Program

    • 01.- Fundamentals and tools

      Spatial representation
      Photography and styling
      Theory of light
      Theory of colour
      Management and development of professional projects
      Design and communication

    • 02.- Materials and trends

      Textures and materials
      Furniture and accessories
      The kitchen
      The bathroom
      Floral design
      Furniture restoration
      Visit to showrooms

    • 03.- Creative space workshops

      Spatial composition
      User and comfort
      Domestic space 1
      Domestic space 2

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José Manuel Fernández

José Manuel Fernández
José Manuel is architect and coordinator of the interior design department for Lagranja Design Studio. Coordinator of the CSP in Contemporary Interior Design.