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Today design pervades every industry, product or service, in terms of content, language, technical and functional aspects. From this need, the course aims at training professionals able to design innovative shapes and functions, interpret and anticipate emerging aesthetic lines of his time. The student will know how to design, but also become an entrepreneur of ideas thanks to the numerous collaborations between Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli IED Como and local companies; It will thus have developed the culture of design, expressive skills and technological knowledge, that has always promove IED as a school of "Know-How". With a didactic guided the business plan, they will acquire knowledge to address the new challenges of a professional field in constant evolution.

Career opportunities: Product designer, concept designer, art director, systems designers, assistants in the search for materials, components, technical devices.

This course is also held in English Language


  • Credits
  • Start date
    October 2020
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Attendance
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IED in Hong Kong at DesignInspire 2019

IED will be part of the “Italian Education Corner” designed by HERE Connecting Creativity at Hong Kong’s DesignInspire. IED will welcome all the young talents interested in its courses and, moreover, it will provide a VR station that allow the exploration of several Italian cultural heritage sites.

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The three year Furniture Design course offer a specialisation:

Specialisation in Interior Design

Interior designer today must have competences both in the architectural composition of a space and in the design of services, to organize and improve the relation between space and people. The specialisation aims to give methodology and structure about cultural, technical field of interior design. Cultural elements connected to design, architecture and art but also sociology and anthropology are all subjects of study, necessary to understand the evolutionary phenomena of behaviour. Students are introduced to marketing, an essential tool for analysing brand values and market positioning of the companies the interior designer collaborates with. They gain their own solid project development method that, starting from ethical, social and sustainable values, allow them to acquire a mindset for strategic design. 

Furniture Design course aims in the first year to teach fundamentals, the basic training regarding the culture, the tools and the rules which distinguish and characterize a project based approach. The second year concentrates on the methods and assisted project design. The student acquires knowledge and competence in specific professional areas, through practical experiences, the study of technical disciplines and characteristics of the culture, with particular attention given to the evolution of the context, the markets and the language used. The third year is dedicated to an advanced design project in a professional setting, gaining experience in what is required of a professional designer in various fields. The final thesis project is both complex and detailed, carried out in collaboration with industries and companies who work together with the Academy and who are looking for original and innovative solutions.

The Furniture Designer is part of the professional system with executive competencies, expressing the ability to work in teams and to interpret the suggestions of a project and translate it correctly on the basis of economic, ergonomics, manufacturing, material and modeling requirements for production. 

In addition to technical expertise, the furniture designer has to interpret the trends and styles of the consumer, understanding the market requirements, the social and consumer dynamics, the formal language, philosophy and culture of the company that become indispensable. Graduates will carry out professional activities in the industrial and social system such as: product designer, concept designer, art director, systems designers, assistants in the search for materials, components, technical devices.