Design and Production for Events and TV

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This Postgraduate Course is made up of two blocks: set design for events and for TV. These are two professional stage designer practices that have different design processes and execution, but also frequently share modes and spaces, especially in the case of events of a certain magnitude, which are generally televised. 
This program offers you the opportunity to get closer to the work and vision of great scenography professionals, as well as to learn and enjoy the experience of teachers and collaborators.

  • Start date
    April 2020
  • Duration
    3 Months
  • Attendance
  • Language

• Introduce the student to the world of set design for TV and Events, in all its fields of application. 
• Conceptualize and solve the space through the assimilation and resolution of ideas and expressive techniques. 
• Deepen their knowledge of the language of the design of spaces to be televised through its application in the various projects. 
• Acquire and apply the specific technical vocabulary. 
• Transmit the project visually and verbally to the client and the rest of the artistic and technical team. 
• Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams. 
• Differentiate the various elements that intervene in the composition of an event: lighting, sound, costumes, props, colour palette, production... 
• Learn the formats of camera shots to generate events and programs that are going to be broadcast on TV. 
• Apply materials and traditional high-tech techniques such as video, mapping, etc. 
Professional Opportunities 
• Designer of TV sets 
• Design and production of corporate, social and tourist-cultural events 
• Head of design at companies devoted to the production of events 
• Design of events for brand launches or advertising campaigns 
• Design of exhibitions, stands and ephemeral events 
• Multidisciplinary design for events, conferences, corporate parties 

Dates and Schedule
April - July 2019
19.00-22.30 h (Mon to Fri, 3 to 5 days per week)