Foundation Course in Design

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The Foundation Course in Design takes students on a journey through the main design disciplines.

This programme is aimed at people who want to begin their studies in the areas of Product Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design or Fashion Design, but who have not yet defined their preference for a specific area and want to try all of them before making a final decision. All artistic, plastic, conceptual, technical and project facets are covered over the year through courses and workshops that encompass all the fundamental subjects for an introduction to the professional practice of design and of project culture. 

This course has a blended theoretical/practical structure offering a project core around which the other fundamental subjects for the creative exercise follow. This methodology allows applied learning, learning by designing, the DNA of our Total Designers.

In addition, each workshop, on each one of the design disciplines, is led by leading working professionals who guide our students through the different creative processes involved in a design project in a much more realistic manner.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2021
  • Duration
    1 year
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The teaching methodology used in the course is mainly practical. The theoretical contents are acquired in an applied manner, with priority given to the process of experimentation and active participation. Accordingly, in parallel with theory and technique, the course involves experimental and design workshops.

The course is divided into major teaching blocks that train students in the basic design tools while they learn about and come into contact with the four fundamental fields: product, fashion, interior and graphic design.

1. Design and creativity

Theoretical and practical knowledge of the fundamentals and references relating to design, colour, visual and structural languages, perception of space and objects etc. through subjects that develop the student’s capacity for ideation, analysis and creativity, such as Foundations of Design, Theory and History of Art and Colour.  

2. Projects

During the spring semester, various projects-workshops are performed for each one of the design disciplines (product, fashion, interior and graphic) so as to provide students with a practical introduction to each. In these projects, students apply and integrate the knowledge acquired in other subjects. These spaces are led by working professionals in the field of design.

3. Communication

Communication is the most important tool for conveying an idea and convincing a client. Over the course, students are also introduced to basic design communication tools, such as Drawing. Digital Communication and Technology

Similarly, through the course contents, a commitment to sustainable development and innovation linked to design creativity is shared with the students.